Christmas Eve Service – Let There Be Light

Christmas Eve Service – Let There Be Light

On Christmas Eve we light the Christ candle that is placed at the center of the Advent Wreath.  
Concluding our Advent theme, Let There Be
Pastor Craig shares the final message in our Advent series entitled, 
“Let There Be Light.” 

In Pastor Craig’s message, he describes the Christmas story and how it illumines the details of the Christ child’s birth: a crowded Bethlehem, a frantic search for lodging, the rough manger, sheep, terrified shepherds, and Magi gifts. One way to look is down into the details of how God becomes present. But we can also look up toward the action of God coming down to us: a star, the angels, and God’s promise to be with us. On Christmas wherever we look we see a world saturated with God’s loving purposes. Let there be Light: Let us see and seed God’s light!

This program will guide you through our worship service.

The Birth of Jesus

God’s greatest gift comes as a baby in a manger.  Angels announce the “good news of great joy” and proclaim God’s blessing of peace.

Luke 2:1-14


  1. Topliss

    A beautiful and meaning service to God.

    Thank you all for participating in a most meaningful and loving honor to Jesus.



  2. Debbie and Robin Martin

    Merry Christmas. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us while we shelter at home. You have brought our community together. Be Well, and Be Safe.
    Our best wishes

  3. Emily

    This was a good place to come so I wouldn’t be alone on Christmas. Beautiful words, beautiful songs, beautiful sermon. Thank you for posting this, made my Christmas a happy one.

  4. Chuck Titcomb

    wonderful, inspirational, meaningful service. t\Thanks to all whom made this possible. Very Merry Christmas

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