Clean-up / Clean-out Day

Clean-up / Clean-out Day

many hands make light work –

Enormous thanks to those who helped with the Clean Up-Clean Out day, June 18, 2022.

  • We filled dumpsters, sent many, many boxes of books to the Agoura Library, lined the Narthex with more books, toys, games and pictures for donations
  • We recycled what we could
  • We loaded up the backs of trucks and cars to make runs to donation sites and the dump
  • We organized the Library, Deacon’s office, Youth Room and Music Room
  • We emptied rafters and crawl spaces
  • We consolidated the Amplify room into the Youth Room to free up space to serve as a welcoming meeting space. 
  • We moved bookcases, chairs and tables.
  • We cleaned out some of the attic items for disposal and freed up space to move other items up there for storage.
  • We ate donuts, bagels with cream cheese and jelly and sweet rolls.
  • We laughed – a lot

One thing heard over and over again was how wonderful and fun to being doing an important project together.  We still have some tasks to complete but the progress made by this hard-working, eager and passionate flock is amazing and way above our expectations. 

Check out these pictures.  And give a pat on the back and a special thank you to these folks.