Sunday Adult Bible Study & Discussion
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Sunday Adult Bible Study & Discussion

This Bible Study and Discussion uses a resource called “The Wired Word.” Each week, the study examines a current event and applies the light of God’s Word to it. Using the Bible along side  current events, the Wired Word, helps us weave together our ancient faith with modern life. 

Check it out – All are welcome!  

Join us online via ZOOM each Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. You can access The Wired Word material below, or you can request to be added to our email mailing list by contacting the the church office.

An introduction to our next discussion:

The evangelical polling firm Barna just released the results of a survey of nearly 25,000 teens from 26 countries, and one major finding is that more than half of teenagers around the world say that Jesus is loving, trustworthy and wise, and in the United States, the percentage is even higher. 

In an age of growing skepticism about religion and increasing numbers of people who say they have no religious affiliation, this seems to be a hopeful finding, and one that presents an opportunity for churches and our commission to make disciples of Jesus Christ. So for our next class, we look in more detail at the study and consider its implications for the church as a whole and Christians as individuals.

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