Jesus Sees You

Jesus Sees You

Sermon Introduction –

What can we learn from Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well? If we take it at face value, Jesus sees us, and welcomes our failings and our questions. Jesus wants to meet us where we are and calls us to come face-to-face with Him. And we are blessed.

Introduction to this week’s readings –

In today’s gospel the Samaritan woman asks Jesus for water, an image of our thirst for God. Jesus offers living water, a sign of God’s grace flowing from the waters of baptism. The early church used this gospel and those of the next two Sundays to deepen baptismal reflection during the final days of preparation before baptism at Easter. As we journey to the resurrection feast, Christ comes among us in word, bath, and meal—offering us the life-giving water of God’s mercy and forgiveness.


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