Even Jesus Needs Prayer

Even Jesus Needs Prayer

If Jesus the Messiah needed prayer and community with his “Abba” as a big part of his life, imagine how much more we need it! In Deacon Lynn’s message on the importance of prayer to Jesus and to believers, she shares that even Jesus prayed. In Mark’s Gospel we have the “inside scoop” knowing that Jesus is the Messiah, that he brings healing to us all, and prayer is one of the best ways to keep our connection with him.

This program will guide you through our worship service

Jesus Heals Many at Simon’s House

Everywhere Jesus goes, many people expect him to set them free from oppression.  Everywhere he goes, he heals them and sets them free.  Disease, devils, and death are running for their lives.  The forces that diminish human life are rendered powerless by Jesus.

Mark 1:29-39


  1. Rose Topliss

    Very inspiring messages. Thank you Lynn, Scott and Pastor Craig. Beauty singing and music. Brought me much peace.

  2. Karen Ingram

    Thanks for another great service. Loved the hymn interspersed with the sermon. Music was wonderful. Thanks everyone for your time and talents.

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