Dirty Glory

Dirty Glory

God’s action often takes place among the unexpected and unlikely…God Prides Himself even in “Dirty Glory.” Learn about a king of kings with dirty glory…a glory that touches you and me.

This program will guide you through our worship service

The Man with an Unclean Spirit

Forces that would bring death and disease have taken hold of a man, yet they recognize Jesus and know what his power means for them.  Jesus commands these forces to leave and people are amazed at this authority. 

Mark 1:21-28


  1. linda

    “Live so as not to cause the weak to stumble”
    That’s a tall order and for me, only accomplished with God’s Grace and Guidance as I walk through each day.
    Thanks for another illuminating and reminding sermon and service NHLC .

    • Craig Beeker

      Thanks Linda…we ask God to help replace our knee-jerk reactions with godly compassion. You aren’t alone in this struggle. But you’ve named it! Thanks for listening and commenting!

  2. Sally Johansson

    Amazing sermon of encouragement and living with the knowledge of Gods power in this world that seems to be embracing the distorted truths brought about by social media and a culture that doesn’t know Jesus.
    God bless

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