The Plumb Line

The Plumb Line

Sermon Introduction –

Amos uses the vision of God’s plumb line measuring Israel. Are we measuring up to what God expects? What does God expect? Join us this week for Pastor Craig’s message about prophets, truth-telling, strong coffee and plumb lines.

This program will guide you through our worship service.

Introduction to our readings –

Amos is not the kind of prophet attached to temples or royal courts.  Rather, he was an ordinary farmer from Judah (the southern kingdom) called by God to speak to Israel (the northern kingdom).  God’s word of judgment through Amos conflicted with the king’s court prophet Amaziah, whom Amos encountered at Bethel.

Amos 7:7-15
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As Jesus and his disciples begin to attract attention, Mark recalls the story of John the Baptist’s martyrdom.  Like John, Jesus and his disciples will also suffer at the hands of those opposed to the gospel of salvation. 

Mark 6:14-29
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