Snapshots of a Life Changed: Simon Peter

Snapshots of a Life Changed: Simon Peter

Sermon Introduction –

We often have a hard time relating to the saints because they seem far better compared to the rest of us. In our Snapshot of a Life Changed this week we meet a saint we all can relate to: Simon Peter. Simon the impulsive, rash, quick to speak and slow to think.  Yet over time his life was shaped by the Master and completed by the Holy Spirt. Eventually Simon Peter becomes the rock Jesus had seen in him, the rock upon which Christ’s church could be built. If people like Peter can become deeply inspired, and experience inward character renewal by the Spirit of Christ, then we know there is hope for all the rest of us too.

This program will guide you through our worship service

Jesus the Good Shepherd

In language that recalls the twenty-third psalm, Jesus describes himself as the shepherd who cares for his sheep.  He is willing to die for them, and he is able to overcome death for them.

John 10:11-18


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