Snapshots of a Life Changed: Philip

Snapshots of a Life Changed: Philip

Sermon Introduction –

Philip, one of the original seven deacons in Acts, listens to the Holy Spirit. This leads him on a great adventure, telling a total stranger about Jesus on a wilderness road.

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Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

Led by the Spirit, Philip encounters an Ethiopian official who is returning to his African home after having been to Jerusalem to worship.  Philip uses their encounter  to proclaim the gospel to him.  Upon coming to faith in Jesus, the Ethiopian is baptized by Philip.

Acts 8:26-40

Jesus the True Vine

On the night of his arrest, Jesus taught his disciples about the relationship they would have with him.  Those who abide in his word and love would bear fruit, for apart from him, they could do nothing.

John 15:1-8


  1. Karen Ingram

    David, thank you for the wonderful Gospel Acclamation!!
    Great sermon Lynn. May we all take the lead of Philip and say yes when called by the Holy Spirit.
    Thanks and blessings to all who brought us today’s service.

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