Let There Be Joy

Let There Be Joy

This third Sunday of Advent we light the “joy” candle on the Advent Wreath.  
Continuing in our Advent theme, Let There Be
Deacon Lynn will share a message entitled, “Let There Be Joy.” 

In Deacon Lynn’s message she looks at the difference between happiness and joy. She shares that happiness is conditional (I’ll be happy when…) and comes from outside, often depending on things beyond our control. But joy is God-given and like hope, peace, and love, it is an “inside job” that is a gift from God.

Joy, which is a fruit of the Spirit, bubbles up inside us and like the Spirit itself. It will never leave us, even when we forget to look for it. Does that mean we always feel it? No. But that’s our fault, not God’s. God’s hope, peace, joy, and love surrounds us like candle flames, all the time. Prayer is one of the best ways to access any and all of them.

This program will guide you through our worship service.

The Testimony of John the Baptist

John’s gospel describes Jesus as the “light of the world.”  John the Baptist is presented as a witness to Jesus, one who directs attention away from himself to Christ, the true light.

John 1:6-8, 19-28 


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