Let There Be Hope

Let There Be Hope

 During Pastor Craig’s message, “Let There Be… Hope,” he shares how we are called to and gifted with hope even when life is difficult. Christian hope comes from God, a gift of a heavenly future. But Christian hope also shapes life here and gives shape to every tomorrow between now and that day when Christ returns.  On this first Sunday of advent, Pastor Craig introduces our season theme: “Let there be…”  As we light the first candle on the advent wreath, we say “Let there be Hope!”

This program will guide you through our worship service.

The Coming of the Son of Man

In today’s reading, Jesus encourages his followers to look forward to the day when he returns in power and glory to end all suffering.

Mark 13:24-37


  1. Linda barry

    Thank you David Cohen for your exciting gift of inspirational and anticipatory music !

    HOPE is in the world today and always- although i sometimes cannot feel or see it ,this message is a reminder it is here in Christ and I am grateful. Thanks for the ‘stay awake’ !

  2. Topliss

    Service for December 6th. A fabulous and spiritual service. Thank you all for your uplifting messages
    and singing. Glad to see Zac.

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