You Are Blessed!

You Are Blessed!

Sermon Introduction –

Sunday the Holy Gospel invites us to reconsider the dimensions of a ‘level playing field’. Jesus speaks about those who have and those who do not. Jesus sermon using ‘blessed’ and ‘woe’ language is not aspirational language, it is language to help remind us that by Jesus mercy the field is level.

Introduction to this week’s readings –

Blessings and curses abound on the sixth Sunday after Epiphany.  We would do well to listen closely to whom the “blessed ares” and the “woe tos” are directed and to find our place in the crowd among those who desire to touch Jesus.  The risen Christ stands among us in the mystery of the holy supper with an invitation to live in him and the power to heal us all.

Reading: Psalm 1

They are like trees planted by streams of water.

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Reading: Luke 6:17-26

After choosing his twelve apostles, Jesus teaches a crowd of followers about the nature and demands of discipleship.  He begins his great sermon with surprising statements about who is truly blessed in the eyes of God.

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