You Are Blessed

You Are Blessed

Sermon Introduction –

It’s not easy to be like Jesus. He surprises us on who he says is blessed…the poor and hungry. And he tells us to do the hard things, like loving our enemies, blessing those who curse us, and doing good to those who hate us. Where do we find the strength to do to others as we would have them do to us?

Introduction to our readings –

In holy baptism God makes saints out of sinners. In holy communion God forgives the sins of all the saints. In worship today we give thanks for all the saints “who from their labors rest.” In the same breath we petition our God for the strength to hear and to heed the admonitions of Jesus in today’s gospel. Sealed by the Spirit and sustained by the Savior’s body and blood, we live with joy as God gives us breath, to the praise of God’s glory.


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