We Walk by Faith

We Walk by Faith

Sermon Introduction –

What does “walking by faith” mean for our visual, independent, self-driven society? Is there a new way to tell a story (or parable) about the Kingdom of Heaven for those of us who can’t tell a mustard seed from a bean sprout? How can we describe the Kingdom of God for today in a way that makes as much sense as farming did for Jesus’ disciples?

On this 3rd Sunday after Pentecost, Deacon Lynn Bulock shares a message entitled, “We Walk by Faith.”

This program will guide you through our worship service

Introduction to our reading – 2 Corinthians 5:6-10, 14-17

Paul encourages believers to live by faith and not by sight.  We do not consider Jesus from a human perspective but  through the eyes of faith, believing he died for all and was raised.  All who are in Christ are now in God’s new creation.

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