The Forfeit Victory

The Forfeit Victory

Sermon Introduction –

We think of life as a competition where having the most, being the most, getting the most is the way to success.  For Jesus, success in the Kingdom of God is a life of service and sacrifice. 

Introduction to our readings –

Three weeks ago, we heard John’s gospel’s version of Peter’s confession of faith.  This week we hear Mark’s version, when Peter says, “You are the Messiah.”  In John, the stumbling block is Jesus’ invitation to eat his flesh, given for the life of the world.  In Mark too the scandal has to do with Jesus’ words about his own coming death, and here Peter himself stumbles over Jesus’ words.  But Jesus is anointed (the meaning of messiah) in Mark only on the way to the cross (14:3); so we are anointed in baptism with the sign of the cross. 

Reading: James 3:1-12

This text uses various images to illustrate how damaging and hurtful the way we speak to and about others can be.  Not only are we to control our speech, but what we say and how we say it is to reflect our faith.

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Reading:  Mark 8:27-38

This story provides the turning point in Mark’s gospel.  Peter is the first human being in the narrative to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah, but he cannot accept that as the Messiah Jesus will have to suffer.  Moreover, Jesus issues a strong challenge to all by connecting discipleship and the cross.

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