Set Your Mind on Heavenly Things

Set Your Mind on Heavenly Things

Sermon Introduction

Pastor Craig shares his sermon, “Set Your Mind on Heavenly Things,” based upon Jesus’ rebuke of Peter “setting his mind on human things.” The call of discipleship begins with repentance and the baptismal reminder to put to death our sinful self. Our sinful self makes Christ a hobby, an addition, and a servant of our wants and desires. Living faith puts Christ at the center and our life is renovated according to God’s desire. This is our Christian journey altogether and an emphasis in Lent: “Set your minds on heavenly things.”

This program will guide you through our worship service

Jesus Foretells His Death and Resurrection

After Peter confesses his belief that Jesus is the Messiah, Jesus tells his disciples for the first time what is to come.  Peter’s response indicates that he does not yet understand the way of the cross that Jesus will travel.

Mark 8:31-38


  1. SealGirl

    Thank you for a beautiful service. I love it when you read the gospel outside. It reminds me of Gods lovely creations in nature.

  2. linda

    This is a spiritually scary and challenging sermon that I need to hear.
    Thanks for all the love that goes into each service made possible by every participant.

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