Second Sunday of Easter

Second Sunday of Easter

Introduction to the readings –

In spite of all we have heard and all we have seen, it is often hard to believe.  Because it is hard to believe, we will invest ourselves in the Easter mystery for fifty days (a week of weeks).  Because it is hard to believe, John the evangelist will provide sign after sign celebrating Jesus’ victory over death.  Because it is hard to believe, the risen Jesus will return to us again and again in the mystery of holy communion, inviting us to touch and taste his presence, and offering us his peace.

Reading: Acts 5:27-32

Peter has been arrested for proclaiming the good news of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  His response to the charges of the high priest summarizes the early church’s proclamation of forgiveness of sin through repentance

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Reading: Revelation 1:4-8

The book of Revelation recounts a mystical vision of the risen Christ experienced by a Christian prophet names John.  Here he describes Christ as a timeless redeemer, the beginning, present, and end of all time.

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Reading: John 20:19-31

The unprecedented events of the day of resurrection continue as the risen Jesus appears to his fearful disciples.  A week later, after Thomas worships Jesus, Jesus pronounces that the blessings of the resurrection are also for those who “have not seen and yet believe.”

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