Prayers of Faith

Prayers of Faith

Sermon Introduction –

This week’s lessons teach us how to be church for one another. Moses, James, and Jesus all remind us that it isn’t just one person’s job to be the church, or lead the church. Instead, we are to support each other with prayer, praise, love, and care. It takes an entire community to “be the church.”

We experienced audio issues during the recording of this service and were unable to live-stream the Children’s Message given by Pastor Craig. We didn’t want you to miss it and so have included the recorded segment, below. Watch as Pastor Craig introduces us to two more of the Beeker pets, Toby and Harry.

Introduction to our Readings

Someone is casting out demons in Jesus’ name who isn’t part of Jesus’ own circle, and the disciples want him stopped. They appeal to Jesus, as Joshua did to Moses about the elders who prophesied without official authorization. Like Moses, Jesus refuses to see this as a threat. Jesus welcomes good being done in his name, even when it is not under his control. The circle we form around Jesus’ word must be able to value good being done in ways we wouldn’t do it, by people we can’t keep tabs on.

Reading: James 5:13-20

Marks of the Christian community include praying for those who are sick and in need, celebrating with those in good health, restoring those who have strayed, confessing sins to one another, and offering forgiveness to each other.

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Gospel Reading: Mark 9:38-50

On the way to Jerusalem, Jesus teaches his disciples about ministry that involves service and sacrifice. His disciples are slow to realize that these words apply to them as well as to others.

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