Affirming Faith

Affirming Faith

We are saved by God’s grace and live by God’s forgiveness.

This is a freedom worth living for, a faith worth affirming, and a vision of a world worth birthing. But this grace makes a demand upon us to live accordingly; this is what Luther called Gospel and Law, Grace and Works. As Luther said, “God does not need your good works, but your neighbor does.” We live in relation to our neighbor by God’s demand to live a holy life. But we live in relationship to God within God’s amazing love and reconciling grace for imperfect people. Pastor Craig’s message on this Sunday of the Reformation is entitled “Affirming Faith.”

This program will guide you through our worship service.

True Disciples

Jesus speaks of truth and freedom as spiritual realities known through his word.  He reveals the truth that sets people free from sin.

John 8:31-36 


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