Clean-Up ~ Clean-Out
  • 29295 Agoura Road
    Agoura Hills, CA 91301

  • New Hope Lutheran Church

Clean-Up ~ Clean-Out

If you like organizing and de-cluttering…


In anticipation of having potential pastoral candidates tour our facilities, areas in our building have been identified that would benefit from some TLC: the music room, library, youth room, and Deacon Lynn’s office.  We want to make our building to be inviting, clean and organized.  This also gives us a chance to lighten our load of “stuff.”  JOIN US BY SIGNING UP NOW!

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  1. Burnis Reed

    Since the sign up required one choice of area, Burnis picked Music Room…..but he said he will do whatever is needed.

  2. Dutch

    Due to a prior appointment we may be a little late. Although we signed up for the library,
    we will help wherever needed.

  3. Joy Elazary

    I signed up for Youth Room but keep me in mind if there is anything heavy needing to be lifted/moved. I am pretty strong.

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