All Saints Day Remembrance

All Saints Day Remembrance

Cindy Anderson

Fred Aronowitz

Lori Marie Beals

Steve Blair

Glenn Boom

Louise Bulock

Buzz Burner

Glenn Bustrum

Charles Carney

Pam Carney

Mary Cisneros

Barbara Joyce Croft 

Ron David

Jerry Edgar 

Parke Elmore

Paul Jacobsen 

Barbara Johnson

Denny Koons

Linda LaVanne 

Bruce McCown

Dale Meyers

Pat Miller 

Robert Miller

Thomas Miller

Marian Pasko

Howard Priesch 

June Paugh

Stephan Probert 

Don Pryor

Arnold Reuter

Mary Rogers 

Bill Rolland

Bill Rothenberger

Sally Samuelson

John Paul Sauger

Doris Schoue

Erin Patria Scott

Harry Selling

Perry Sloan

Joan Sommer

Mary Todd

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  1. Sue Koons

    “Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted..”
    I am truly blest, my cup runith over.
    Thank you Lord for 53 years of marriage and countless memories to sustain me.
    I give thanks for all the saints who have gone to their heavenly home.

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