Blessing of the Animals

Blessing of the Animals

October 4 is the commemoration of Saint Francis of Assisi. One of his commitments was to creation. Legend tells us he would preach to animals about God’s love.

In remembrance of how St. Francis lived out his faith, Pastor Craig Beeker and Deacon Lynn Bulock conducted a pet blessing at the Agoura Hills Animal Care Center. Sgt. Nelson Gonzales was their host as they walked the facility and blessed the animals currently housed there.

A “Virtual” Pet Blessing followed for the pets of our New Hope Church members. This video captures the event and is followed by a few additional pets we did not want to leave out.

It is a blessing to have a pet in your home, and an even greater blessing to give a home to an animal shelter pet

Clockwise: Molly with Miles, owner Kathy Rogers; Chloe, owners Robin & Debbie Martin; Clifford, and Zelda, owner Sue (friend of Aleta); Pippa, owners Robin & Debbie; Frank, owner Kathy Rogers.

Grateful acknowledgement of vocalist, Aleta Braxton and pianist, David Cohen who shared their gifts during this special event.