Alison Rowe

Alison Rowe

As a grateful member of New Hope Lutheran for nearly 20 years, I am proud to serve on the Church Council in the Staff Ministry role. 

I was born and raised in the Lutheran Church and come from a long line of philanthropic Lutheran pastors. My mom, sister and her family with whom I am very close, are also members of NHLC. 

My professional career was in Human Resources (mostly in a large multi-national company) focused primarily in the area of organizational development.  I hope I bring some of these skills to my Staff Ministry role.

My husband, Tom Beddingfield, and I have four children and welcomed our ninth grandchild two years ago!  None live locally so we travel often to visit them.  We also enjoy bicycling trips in various locations worldwide and I am an avid tennis player and quilter.

Secretary, Evangelism
Mary Gallagher
Council President
Tom LaVanne